Senior Account Manager

Full-time. Sydney based.


Must reek of professionalism. • Soulmate: All of our clients • BFF: New biz development

Basically, we need someone who can talk the gherkins off a burger.


Role Summary

Profession: Senior Account Manager
Job level: Senior Job type:
Full-time position + cheese benefits
Hair Colour: TBC

As the Senior Account Manager for Common Ventures you will help organise and instil process to deliver top notch projects across all our key clients. In short, you will be our client management God. As a member of Common Ventures, you will be part of a collaborative, fast paced team of innovative thinkers and doers dedicated to making awesome things across a broad gamut of media. This role involves a significant amount of communication with everyone in the agency (us) along with people outside the agency (clients, stakeholders, random people on the street). Basically, we need someone who can talk the gherkins off a burger.

You must be smitten by spreadsheets, obsess over ticking things off your list, reek of professionalism understanding and be financially literate. You must get a kick out of the following things: Happy clients, coffees with strangers, approved estimates, on-time meetings and completed projects.

You’ll have to be an open, all-rounded thinker and enjoy a collaborative work environment. You’ll also have to be prepared to pat lots of dogs and sit in on ridiculous amounts of fun.

Your role as a Commoner should include the following:

  • Your soulmate is client management and your BF is new business
  • Wear a strategic financial hat that allows you to chase opportunity
  • Your obsession is great work
  • You are self-motivated and hungry to improvise, adapt and overcome any challenges thrown your way
  • You love working with a wide diversity of people both inside and outside Common Ventures
  • A relentless passion for being proactive and self-motivated
  • The ability to take constructive criticism on board and provide solutions
  • An addiction to bad dad jokes

Main Responsibilities

Account Management 

  • You are responsible for the timely and on-budget delivery of multiple, branded communications.
  • You are responsible for managing the client relationship and maintaining the integrity of the work throughout the project lifecycle, managing the relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • The ability to retain clients, build strong professional relationships and see the opportunity for the brand development outside the current brief or project.
  • Develop documentation to relate timings and budgets to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Your finance skills must be strategically led with the ability to use current financial costing programs and plans. Adapting to new programs and processes is essential.
  • You must maintain the ability to focus on the overall project vision as well as the individual details throughout.
  • You must be dedicated to making awesome things across a broad gamut of media and have a solid technical understanding of all digital platforms.
  • Assist in the development of current client relationships, collaboratively and as an individual.
  • Present creative concepts to clients. This responsibility will transition from a task that is supported to one that you will lead on.
  • Work closely with our producers to ensure the delivery of campaigns and platforms in a timely manner and adhering to allocated budgets.
  • Identify business opportunities to extend existing relationships and pitch proactive solutions.
  • Help put together client presentations

Be future focused and willing to adapt to an ever-changing communications environment.

Business Development

  • Assist in the development and generation of new business growth plan developed to help achieve revenue goals and the company’s objectives.
  • Working closely with the pitch team, helping pull together the ‘request for information’ packs, develop credentials decks, pitch decks or proposals for the client, driving the process alongside the New Business Director.
  • Understand appropriate research techniques and resourcefulness for gaining full business understanding of our prospects.
  • Build expertise in the New Business process strategy and vision
  • Coach, involve and inspire growth and development of your Account management peers.
  • Actively assist in the promotion of Common Ventures by sharing relevant online content, attending key industry conferences and creation of PR articles.


  • Actively provide your own creative feedback to the team based on the client business problems as expressed in briefs.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions.
  • Generate proactive solutions to solve client business problems.
  • Implement feedback
  • Be able to confidently present any documentation you’ve created to key client stakeholders.


  • Adhere to our no dickhead policy. We’re not too keen on working with jerks.

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