The Quiz

by Common Ventures on Monday, May 16, 2016

Come up to the Common Ventures office on any given Friday and you’ll see us all huddled around a table for The Quiz. We hang onto almost every word the Quizmaster says, yell out answers at the top of our lungs and are unequivocally honest about who answered first.

Quizmaster duty rotates, ensuring that each iteration of The Quiz is a little different. We’ve even been known to hold “Subjective Trivia”, where the correct answer is decided at the discretion of the Quizmaster. To win, it helps to know the preferred answer in advance, or tailor the answer to your Quizmaster’s interests?—?comedians and business-y people call this “knowing your audience”.

Over time, traditions and rules have arisen that are integral to the harmonious functioning of the Quiz machine.

It’s not enough to participate in The Quiz under your given name. A nom de plume must be assigned. This also applies to guests?—?we’ll simply ask you what you’ve been up to and invariably a nickname will suggest itself. Our approach to nicknames has been outlined before, so be prepared for “friendly” banter.

We have almost no rules for The Quiz. There is no set number of questions, no specific format. The only rule is that once you have yelled out your first answer, you must wait your turn to answer again and raise your hand if you wish to do so. This is a crude but effective way to make sure that everyone gets their turn, and stop uber-loud people from taking over.

Details, considerations or pieces of information of little importance or value.

The definition of trivia is “Details, considerations or pieces of information of little importance or value”. I beg to differ. At Common Ventures, the Quiz is important?—?it’s a microcosm of the way we work and interact as individuals and as an agency.

Our relationships are a combination of respect and affection, with a solid smidgeon of banter. This is how we treat everyone we come in contact with, and it’s most obvious during the Quiz. We are so comfortable in our own skin and with each other that we can sometimes be a little crazy. Some might say that we’re too out there, but it allows us to work to our fullest without wasting time and energy hiding our true selves.

The hands-up rule and our honesty in general reflect the basic principles we share. Integrity is so important to us and we apply it to everything we do, even if that’s answering random, sometimes ridiculous, questions on a Friday afternoon.

I’m not here to share some profound insight about how having Friday afternoon office trivia makes all your output a thousand times better, or creates the best working environment ever (we have dogs and NERF guns for that #humblebrag). This is more of an observation?—?sometimes the smallest things are a manifestation of something larger and less tangible.

The best thing about us is that we are transparent to a fault, and there’s nowhere better to see that in action than on a Friday night. Feel free to pop in and have a nickname assigned to you, as you try your best to outwit, out-yell and out-Quiz us.

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