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    Branding, Web Design & Web Development

The Brief:

Rebrand, redesign and build the websites of Careers Training Group’s educational institutions.

In 2016, the private education sector was being dragged through the mud. Rogue operators were luring students in with free iPads and pogo sticks if they signed up for a course. These students would sign on, taking on a hefty debt, then never attend class. After these questionable practices caught traction in the media, CTG approached Common Ventures with an imperative task; to rebrand and revitalise their educational institutes, separating them from the dishonest competition.

The most significant challenge presented by CTG was to amalgamate three separate Selmar Institute of Education websites into a single online presence, affording users a streamlined user experience while retaining all necessary content. It was important to bring all of these brands into the modern world regarding their online presence, reinforcing the legitimacy and esteem of the institutes.

Three websites built on a custom, flexible CMS theme

Custom Wordpress theme development

Responsive, mobile-first design

Flexible layout templates