• Elouera Surf Club

    Huddle Insurance

    Video Content

The Brief:

Create a stunt which would get the community excited about Huddle while also showcasing their core values and disruptive business model.


Huddle takes the profits from unclaimed premiums and puts them right back into the community. These funds are divided amongst groups that insured individuals opt in to; the titular Huddles. At its inception, each Huddle has a goal or aim that it pledges its money towards – anything from donating the money to charity, to putting the money towards new soccer team uniforms or even just a BBQ for your street.

To help explain this disruptive insurance model and concept to the general public, Huddle worked with Common Ventures to put together a Christmas themed video at the end of 2016.

Our concept? Show what happens when the Elouera Surf Club decided to use their Huddle funds to make it snow at the beach.

With the ambitious concept signed off – our in-house production team had to work in a very efficient manner to execute the entire job in 7 days.

From managing set designers, snowmakers, heavy machinery, council permits, full crew management and full pre and post-production – Common Ventures managed the entire project from end to end with the video going live on December 23.

The video was viewed of 25,000 times organically and created a number of new discussions with new clubs.