• Masters of Microfoam

    Video Content

The Brief:

Educate coffee connoisseurs about the importance of micro-foam and further position Breville as leaders in the home espresso machine category.

Building on the success of a previous campaign with Common Ventures, Breville wanted to create content which would engage and entertain their information-driven audience. The objective was to inform consumers about the importance of microfoam, while also building on their reputation as leaders in the home espresso machine market.


From using a giant to spruik microfoam to filling an entire room with thousands of white balloons; Common Ventures settled on taking to the streets to find out how the experts achieve microfoam, why it’s important and what do does to a coffee. Sydney Cafes produce some of the best coffee in the world, so it made sense to ask the professionals.

Masters Of Microfoam went on to become the best performing video within its category and one of the very first to talk specifically about microfoam, reaffirming Breville’s position as the premier brand within the home espresso space.