• Salmat

    Audio-visual & Digital Services

The Brief:

Showcase the breadth of Salmat’s knowledge in the marketing and customer conversion space by creating two videos. Each video positions Salmat’s individual services in a way that could potentially answer a business problem that a potential or existing client may have.

We created two one and a half minute videos under the broader Starts With Salmat campaign covering each of the main pillars – ‘Better Conversion’ and ‘More Customers’.

The videos needed to be cost effective, informative but still compelling to watch. They would be housed on the website startswithsalmat.com.au

This is the first time the Salmat brand talked about what it could do for you from the perspective of the customer. It brought real problems around marketing and conversion that businesses can relate to. All of these problems laddered into Salmat service offerings making it extremely easy for the Salmat sales team to convert new clients.