• Breville – Get Loose

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The Brief:

Excite and educate tea lovers about loose leaf tea.

The global tea market is on the rise in a big way, but getting the most out of a cup of tea is tricky and complicated. Some teas require more heat and some barely any – who has time to remember all that? Different teas need different approaches and it is easy to burn tea or under develop tea, leaving it tasteless or bitter. Many consumers don’t even realise they are messing up their cups. However, with the Breville Tea Maker the true flavour potential of each cup of tea is nailed.

Breville tea makers are the best in the business. If you’re a disciple of loose leaf tea, it’d be sacrilege not to own one. Unfortunately, not everyone has a taste for loose leaf tea, and many of those who do aren’t entirely educated about the importance of the brewing process.

So how could we tempt tea drinkers into trying loose leaf while enlightening them to the makings of a perfect cup?

Introducing Get Loose – an energetic but educational content piece that sets out both to convert regular tea drinkers into loose leaf devotees and further inform committed enthusiasts about the nuances of the ritual.

Get Loose was created for four international markets; Australia, the UK, Germany and Canada.