• Bank Australia

    The People Australia Needs


The Brief

Environmental advocacy. Using tech and data to make the streets safer for women. Living a plastic-free life; Australia is full of brilliant people creating amazing things. While these people have incredibly inspiring and unique stories – there is one consistent thread; they all bank with Bank Australia.


‘The People Australia Needs’ celebrates these individuals whilst amplifying the power and reach of customer advocacy for Bank Australia.

The Insight

Bank Australia customers are often passionate advocates for the brand. The campaign needed to provide these customers a platform, to allow them to share their beliefs and causes, but also explain the positive impact you can have, simply by aligning your banking with your values.

Does your banking conflict with your values?

The campaign speaks to the growing number of socially conscious consumers who look to support purpose-driven brands. We need to make them aware that the money in their bank is potentially being invested in things that cause harm, and as such, conflicts with their values.


Real Customers

Using seven real Bank Australia customers, multiple interviews were conducted to determine each customer’s core belief, personal story, and lightbulb moment when they realised their money was sitting with a bank that potentially invested in harm.

Every action has an impact

By focusing on each individual’s belief system, the campaign allows us to naturally reveal the contradiction between someone’s intentions, morals and self-perception and their current bank. The campaign’s goal isn’t to convince people to be good but to make them aware that their everyday decisions and actions, like where they choose to bank, can have a big impact on the future.


Bank Australia doesn’t act
like a typical bank…

…so why should we talk like one?

To break away from the category, we took a grassroots approach to push the art direction and messaging.

This visual direction shows how everyday people are living their beliefs and amplifying their voices to help highlight diversity of issues and thinking. We wanted to give customers their own sense of brand, story and identity, so we added personal elements, such as the talents own handwriting, a dramatic hyperrealistic illustrated portrait and their unscripted voice.



Truly 360

From TV & social to performance digital and even paid media partnerships – we tailored each message to suit the tone and expectation of that channel or audience.