The Brief

Rapt!’s focus is to promote social cohesion by featuring the stories of minority communities to a broader Australian audience from a younger male perspective. To boost social engagement, they needed to relaunch with a new look which would resonate with audiences.


We redefined Rapt!’s purpose with the positioning statement ‘Together, not the same’. This statement talks to the shared values all Australians should uphold. It also embraces the diversity across our audience, embracing individual differences and freedoms. It promotes the understanding that all of us are in it together.

The Process


The Work

We launched the brand with a video and social campaign aimed at increasing our Australian audience – especially amongst those from vulnerable minority communities.

As a part of the rebrand, we expanded Rapt!’s digital ecosystem to include a website that provides more in-depth coverage of the stories covered in our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Why it Worked

During the campaign period, our rebrand built Rapt!’s social following by 300%.