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The Brief:

For yonks, the Northern Territory has been the ideal location for grey nomads. For young Australians however, this simply wasn’t the case. The problem was Millennials now source travel inspiration from non-traditional formats. Forget about Catriona Rowntree and offers of the best job in the world. Now, it’s all about hashtags and 15 second clips from iPhones.

So how could the NT regain ground on the social media battle front and curve the statistics that showed 18-35 visitors to the NT were down more than 5%?

Simple. Create a campaign designed for social, disguised as entertainment. Sure, this seems like the obvious choice.

But selling in the idea of vetoing traditional media and thinking behind tourism advertising and jumping head first into “what the kids want” isn’t a regular occurrence.

Leveraging the success of the guerilla campaign, CU in the NT and using it as the building blocks for our strategy, reaffirmed what we already believed; the internet’s a dirty place and people love sharing funny content.

This unauthorised campaign bled into the initial reverse brief and to Tourism NT, was a flickering light on the possibilities of swear words.

We worked extremely hard to prove that the risk of creating edgy content in the hopes to go viral, wasn’t actually a risk at all.

For our social campaign to be successful, we created game plan never before seen for a Tourism & Government Body:

 Discover an insight made for millennials.

 Develop a strategy made for social media.

 Create shareable content with millennials in mind.

With those steps, Get Out Of The State You’re In was born.

Starting with the insight that life’s better without banalities and the observation that Millennials love complaining about life’s minute unpleasantries – our idea was simple. Leave your home state and get to the NT.

For our idea to succeed in the social stratosphere it required a strategy that would be sure to engage millennials. The insight itself was quite simple, so the execution needed to push boundaries of what people expected from a government body.

Our idea was simple; let’s get well-known comedians to take the piss out of their home states. Similar to our strategy, to create content that we believed would work best, additional education was required for the client. These are just three great examples of that:

  • Bringing aboard some controversial yet popular comedians.
  • Not using NT footage in Tanya Hennessy’s piece because it wouldn’t of suited her style and hindered the shareability of the video. Bravo to the client on this point.
  • Pushing back on the initial brief of a 2 minute video. The goal was to make funny content. Not content 2 minutes in length.

For launch, the videos were posted on the Northern Territory’s Facebook page.
Additional content was then launched by the comedians on their Instagram accounts.

Since launch Get Out Of The State You’re In has achieved the following:






Shares on Facebook


Reactions on Facebook


34% & 27%

Completion rate on Instagram and Snapchat

40% Surveyed

Stated that our content ‘stood out compared to other holiday advertising’

To support the videos, Common Ventures also shot content specially created for the comedians’ social channels. Instagram stories, Snapchat videos and Facebook posts were all created to coincide with the campaign launch.




million views


million impressions