CV were asked to create a TVC campaign that would capture the imagination of pint sized punters everywhere to work along side Luna Park’s Summer school holiday activity. We wanted to create a story that would capture the essence of the 97 year old park in just 30 seconds. 


Genuine happiness can’t be faked. To sell the world’s most famous smile, we harnessed the excitement of its biggest fan.

Meet 9-year-old Alexander, a genuine super fan of Luna Park and human embodiment of fun. To bring out Alex’s best performance, our prompts needed to be simple: Imagine you’re at Luna Park… What does it look like? Sound like? How does it feel?

A first timer, Alex had zero formal experience acting. It was our job to bring out his enthusiasm on camera.





The campaign opens in Alexander’s bedroom, where he describes his favourite rides and unmissable experiences, before concluding “there’s nothing better than the real thing”. Alex is then transported to the real park where he gets to run free.

CV were responsible for all stages of creative and production. The 15 and 30-second spots where directed by James Crawley, CD and founder, and aired across TVC, digital, and social media channels. 


“The essence of Luna Park is more than just rides and amusements, it’s the overall feeling evoked by being there, it’s no easy feat to capture this in an ad but luckily we had the incredible Alexander to do it for us with his energy and vigour harnessed expertly by the Common Ventures team.” – Michelle Rowling, Head of Marketing