The Brief

The goal was to elevate national awareness of the two week event while moving away from negative local perceptions. We needed to find differentiation through brand repositioning to focus on a more targeted audience and adjust the on-ground experience.


We identified a gap in the national market for a festival that was premium, but transcendent rather than interest-led.

To fill this gap, we positioned Parrtjima as: ‘a festival that makes people feel the sublime, by creating collective cultural experiences that allow you to interact with the people, yarns and landscape on an unexpected & intimate level.’

The Process


The Work

A festival where light unites was the guiding thought for all branding elements, messaging and program initiatives. With a focus on co-creation, the festival explored the creation of rituals between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians at Parrtjima.


Why it Worked

In its first year, the campaign achieved the following:

  • 35% uplift in attendance
  • 17% spike in accommodation
  • 20k more visitors than the previous year

The following year, it achieved a further 24% increase in attendance.