• It all starts with spirit

    Spirit Super

The Brief

Spirit Super was the result of two funds merging – the Motor Trades Association Australia and Tasplan. Whilst the main task was to Establish the brand nationally and reassure existing members – we needed to reframe the task to Renew people’s pride in their superannuation.

We did this in two ways:

  • Instil pride – By celebrating the spirit of Australia’s humble, hard-workers.
  • Generate trust – By highlighting the funds’ performance, low fees and service.

The Idea

It all starts with spirit.

Our members are no stranger to hard work. These are the people that get it done. We show how spirit empowers everyday, hard-working Aussies through all aspects of their day-to-day lives. 

From a guy restoring his dream car, to a medical professional ending a big shift, to a postie running up the hill or a kid overcoming an obstacle with a little help from Dad – it doesn’t matter what lies ahead, to get the job done – it all starts with spirit.



We’re all about hard work

Common Ventures utilised its in-house production expertise to provide end-to-end creative output. We wrote, produced, directed and post-produced all assets for the launch campaign.