• Parrtjima Light Festival

    Re-Launch Strategy, Brand Creation, Advertising, UX 


The Challenge:

In its 3rd year, Parrtjima, a light festival in Alice Springs, needed to move away from local negative perceptions and start to elevate awareness of the 2-week long event on a national level.

The festival, still in its infancy, needed to not over promise but find differentiation through brand repositioning to focus on a more targeted audience and adjust the on-ground experience.


Our Insight:

We identified a gap in the national market for a festival that was premium, but transcendent rather than interest-led.

Due to this, we identified Parrtjima as: ‘a festival that makes people feel the sublime by creating collective cultural experiences that allow you to interact with the people, yarns and landscape on an unexpected & intimate level.’

We positioned the festival as an event that would encourage people to see indigenous culture in a new light.

Parrtjima social

Our key content recommendations:

Focus on the unexpected:



  • People feel like they have seen Aboriginal art and already know Indigenous culture from what they’ve seen and read via mainstream media so surprise them
  • Look for contentious debate topics and meaty discussion that will engage people and extend the life of the event through conversations that live on – both socially and via the media
    Look for event themes that sit more on the edge – the current themes are too tame and expected of an Indigenous audience

Consider a bridge between Indigenous and wider cultures:


  • The School of Life has modernised philosophy by applying philosophical wisdom to tools and talks around modern days woes like how to find calm, love and meaningful work
  • We can take a leaf out of this book and relate Indigenous wisdom to modern issues and also consider questions around identity, community and relationships
  • Look at how you could truly remix this ancient culture with new technology

Think of how the event will be documented and shared online:


  • This will either make or break its reputation.
  • Social presence and prevalence not only results in inspiration and affirmation to join this different or enjoyable experience, but it also prompts sharing and organic, ‘genuine’ advocacy.


Parrtjima: ‘A festival where light unites’

This was the guiding thought for all branding elements, messaging and program initiatives. With a focus on co-creation, the festival explored the creation of rituals between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians at Parrtjima.

Parrtjima key visual

Parrtjima Outdoor


Compared to last year, our re-brand and re-launch campaign achieved the following:


Spike in attendance


Spike in room nights


More attendees