The Brief

The Waterfall Way connects Armidale to Coffs Harbour. Armidale Regional Council needed a platform to get East Coast road trippers to make a stopover to lift the decline created by the bushfires in 2019/20, and a lack of visitation due to Covid-19.


The Waterfall Way features over 185 km of waterfalls, national parks, hidden coffee shops and historic sites. It is a long road filled with a never ending supply of genuine, nature-heavy experiences.

To successfully compel road trippers to make the stopover, we needed a platform that would establish the Waterfall Way as NSW’s ultimate stopover destination and immediately differentiate the route from nearby competitors.

The Process


The Work

CV landed on, Where Wonder Runs Deep. A flexible platform that resonates with all types of travellers, it aimed to convey the neverending, genuine experiences found along the Waterfall Way in a way which was totally ownable.