• We Take Wine Seriously

    Integrated Campaign

The Brief:

[yellow tail]. Take it or leave it. Either way – you know it’s wine.

So let us ask you this, what is the last [yellow tail] ad you remember? Exactly. [yellow tail] are Australia’s most globally recognised wine brand. But being recognised isn’t enough – you need to be remembered.

Casella Family Brands approached Common Ventures with a clear task; provide end-to-end strategy and creative, as well as production for a fully integrated campaign. We quickly established the main challenge: in an overly saturated market full of established brands, armed with only a modest creative and media budget, how would we cut through?

Simple. Zig against the zag. Become the antithesis of what the wine industry stands for.

Through both qualitative and quantitative research, we discovered that the target audience are 45-65 year old mainstream value hunters. These people love wine for the moments. But they simply don’t care about the technical side. Hints of pepper and melon, it doesn’t matter – they just love wine.

Based on this research, we created:

“We take wine seriously, so you don’t have to”

Sometimes life’s taken too seriously. The best way to combat this is to take a breath, laugh and enjoy. The same can be said for wine. Most people don’t want to take wine seriously, but feel they need to in order to fit in. With this in mind, we used humour and unexpectedly clever demonstrations of fun to disarm the seriousness of everyday life and wine itself.

The delicate balance of this, however, was doing so without devaluing the quality of the product. [yellow tail] were concerned that using too much humor could possibly make the brand seem cheap, as opposed to good value. We found the perfect balance.

By using absurdly long ways in order to describe everyday items like a chair or BBQ, created a natural segue into describing the quality of [yellow tail] wines. The twist came with a finger-snap quick reveal that in fact you don’t describe wine like this – you simply ask for it.

As the media offering wasn’t completely locked down until late in the creative process, we had to develop a concept that not only aligned with our brand and objectives but was also flexible enough to work across any channels and placements that we didn’t yet have visibility over. Once media was finally agreed upon, we started working.

After developing two bang-on scripts, [yellow tail] couldn’t decide which one to choose. So we decided to pull some strings and shoot both. All within the original budget, without sacrificing production quality.

Yellow Tail bloody good drop

Yellow Tail perfect summer white

yellow tail bloody good drop


yellow tail perfect summer white

Since launch, [yellow tail] has achieved the following:

4% – 8%

increase in unprompted awareness


increase in purchases in a three-month period


increase in purchases from Australian drinkers who were already aware of the brand