The Brief

Keep cups, cage free eggs, carbon offsetting – every day socially progressive Aussies take small steps to create a better future. But there’s one step many are yet to take…


As a clean money bank, Bank Australia only invests their customer’s money into industries that create a positive impact. The more customers they have, the better the world. So how can we inspire socially progressive Aussies to align their banking with their values, and join Bank Australia?

The Process


The Work

Meet The People Australia Needs.

A campaign that positioned joining Bank Australia as a foundational step people must take to act on their values and create the future they want to see. The campaign showcased the beliefs of current customers, and highlighted how those beliefs led them to joining Bank Australia, inspiring others to do the same.


Why it Worked

Working alongside the Clean Money campaign, The People Australia Needs helped achieved the following over the 20-21 financial year: 

  • 16k new customers (target 10k) 
  • 10% increase in brand awareness (31.9% to 40.2%) 
  • Exceeded lending volume target by 10% (3% growth target KPI. 13.7% achieved)
  • Exceeded deposit growth target by 5.5% (6% growth target KPI. 11.47% achieved)