CV were tasked with creating a brand platform that would resonate with mindful drinkers looking for an alternative to standard spirits. These folk feel traditional Aussie drinking culture does not define them and they seek to express their own personal identity.


We hit a cultural stigma head on with the platform Zero Cares Given. It gave people permission to be themselves. Drink preference is personal. People shouldn’t have to conform or compromise. 





Drummerboy’s brand is strong, brave & unapologetic, giving us the go-head to tell it like it is which bled into the creative executions.

Two 15 second films showed exactly why you shouldn’t listen to peers when it comes to drinking alc-free booze.


“Attitudes towards drinking in Australia are becoming increasingly fragmented and less people are relating to our traditional drinking culture. People still want to live a life full of socialising with friends but an increasing segment are looking to reduce their consumption. We wanted a campaign that embraces people’s individuality whatever their choice of drink.” – Clive Coleman, CCO, Innovation Beverage Group