• Slicing Symphony

    Breville – Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice

    Video Content

The Brief:

Demonstrate the benefits of Breville’s new food processor through informative, entertaining video content while capturing the imagination of home chefs and advocates of no-fuss cooking.

Upon designing, developing and launching their latest best-in-class food processor, Breville required promotional content to match. Their task for Common Ventures was to create engaging and entertaining content – for which, a three-part strategy was developed: intercept, educate and demonstrate.

To bring this to life, Common created a series of quick-fire videos, led by the hero video, Slicing Symphony. By cooking up some sumptuous CG effects and crafty stop motion animation, Slicing Symphony conveyed how easily absolute precision can be achieved with the Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice.

Following the launch of Slicing Symphony, eight demonstration videos and one informational video were released in conjunction with social media content.

This series of content was localised for international markets including; Australia, the UK, Germany and Canada.