Integrated Campaign


The Brief:

CHOICE is Australia’s leading consumer rights and advocacy group. Independent and member-funded, they give Australians unbiased, scientifically-backed product reviews on whitegoods, travel insurance, health cover and almost everything in between. Unfortunately, most Australians are oblivious to CHOICE with many relying on fake online reviews, blogs or misleading advertisements to get the product information.

To educate consumers and boost subscription numbers, we needed a flexible platform that both conveyed CHOICE’s wide range of services and their flaunted scientific testing.

The Idea:

‘Keeping Products Honest’
In the age of antitrust and fake news, consumers need more than advice and opinions, they need honesty and facts. The fact is, CHOICE is the only organisation with the best interests of the consumer at heart. Opting to use one incredible VO artist, a bunch of miniatures and tiny sets instead of actors, we managed to shoot three hero pieces and twelve six-second ads – all in a single shoot day.

To support the main campaign assets, we developed a series of targeted 6 second bumper ads, designed to play when users were searching for specific video reviews.

To cut through with retargeting, we created products with ludicrous claims, to drive consumers to learn more about how CHOICE helps you identify shonky products.

All activity drove to a landing page where users could learn about how CHOICE would save them money, and keep the big brands honest.