• Keep Australia Moving

    Web design and development, Video content, OOH, Integrated Campaign

The Brief:

Create and execute a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of transport infrastructure being a critical issue leading up to the 2016 Federal Election.

In early 2016, the Australian Automotive Association tasked Common Ventures to create a campaign intended to mobilise road users Australia-wide to contact their local political representatives and challenge their dedication to the further development of transport infrastructure.

Our approach was simple:

  • Turn transport infrastructure into something more relatable to the everyday Australian.
  • Create a platform which would allow the public to easily contact their representatives.

Leveraging the symbolism of the wheel and focusing on how a lack of investment in this sector would slow the economy, we called on people to Keep Australia Moving.

This above the line campaign was accompanied by ‘Australia’s Worst Commute’; an online tool that allowed anyone to easily see how much time they are wasting getting to and from work. With a few clicks, the web app calculated the user’s yearly commute time, and equated it to something far more productive, the users were then prompted to send an email to their local representatives.

View Australia’s Worst Commute


In the 3-month campaign period, over 60,000 people used the site to send emails to candidates requesting an increase in commitment to transport, resulting in dozens of MPs pledging their support as part of their campaign promises.